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i wish you cared, just like I wish I was cared for! I wish you looked at me, just like I wished you would ever look at me! i wish you held my hand, just like I held your’s! I wish you felt the same way, just like I wish you’d have felt! i wishContinue reading “I WISH!”


I thought I was good for you! I thought I was your forever! I thought you were to teach me what’s true love! I thought you were to mend the broken me! I was good to you, you were bad to me! I gave you heaven, you gave me hell! I gave you love,you gaveContinue reading “WHY?”


Enslaved to the end! Blinded by the dragon! No help could ease anything, she was focused! Chained on the chair of endless affection! Chains grew tighter the dragon became ruthless Sleepless nights! Nightmares! Tears all over With no sign of redemption, focus was the key Rust all over the chains The dragon ruled entirely ChainsContinue reading “THE CAPTIVE.”

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